Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted : How to Get Opulent Umbral Energy ?

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted : How to Get Opulent Umbral Energy ?


How to Get Opulent Umbral Energy in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted ?

There are three sources of Opulent Umbral Energy :

  • The season pass grants Opulent Umbrals at levels two, 52, 70, and 92 for a total of 21 energy.
  • You will receive seven energy each time you match the nightmares at the end of a Containment activity. To do this, deposit 150 Dread Remnants on the Harvester after killing the boss at contention level 3.
  • Every time you bind nightmares at the end of Containment, there’s a chance you’ll receive a Bound Presence. If you do, complete the Sewer quest and open the chest at the end to receive five energy.

How much does the season pass cost in Destiny 2?

The Season of the Haunted season pass costs 1,000 Silver or approx. US$10.

All Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Season Pass Rewards

1Tresspasser Exotic Sidearm
2Upgrade ModulesOpulent Umbral Energy
3GlimmerRitual Glimmer Boost
4Upgrade ModulesEnhancement Core
5Legendary ShardsSmall Fireteam XP Boost
6GlimmerGraceful Phantom Shader
7Eververse EngramSmall XP Boost
8Upgrade ModulePlanetary Materials
9Bright DustGlimmer
10Legendary ShardsSwing of the Scythe Finisher
11Upgrade ModulesCatalyst Quest Boost Alpha
12GlimmerCrown of Sorrow Efficiency I
13Eververse EngramArmor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
14Upgrade ModulesLegendary Shards
15Enhancement CoreEnhancement Core
16GlimmerSmall XP Boost
17Eververse EngramGlimmer
18Upgrade ModulesEgregore Entrance
19Bright DustPlanetary Materials
20Exotic EngramLegendary Shard Dismantle Bonus
21Upgrade ModulesLegendary Shards
22Catalyst Quest Boost Omega
23Eververse EngramGlimmer
24Armor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
25Legendary EngramExotic Engram
26Upgrade ModulesSmall Fireteam XP Boost
27Eververse EngramBright Dust
28Season of the Haunted Arms Masterwork Boost
29Bright DustPlanetary Materials
30Pale Steed Sparrow
31Legendary Shards
32Crown of Sorrow Efficiency II
33Eververse EngramEnhancement Core
34Upgrade Modules
35Tresspasser Exotic SidearmArmor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
36Small XP Boost
37Eververse EngramGlimmer
38Season of the Haunted Legs Masterwork Boost
39Planetary Materials
40Bright DustSpectral Indigo Shader
41Armor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
42Enhancement Core
43Eververse EngramArmor Scrounger
44Legendary Shards
45Reaper Projection
46Small XP Boost
47Eververse EngramUpgrade Module
48Season of the Haunted Class Masterwork Boost
49Planetary Materials
50Bright DustPhantasmal Shell
51Firefright Masterwork Bonus
52Opulent Umbral Energy
53Eververse EngramEnhancement Core
54Exotic Engram
55Exotic CipherArmor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
56Small Fireteam XP Boost
57Eververse EngramClass Arms
58Season of the Haunted Chest Masterwork Bonus
59Planetary Materials
60Bright DustClass Legs
61Without Remorse Masterwork Bonus
63Eververse EngramEnhancement Prism
64Arms Universal Ornament
65Exotic EngramExotic Engram
66Small XP Boost
67Eververse EngramClass Mark/Bond/Cloak
68Season of the Haunted Head Masterwork Bonus
69Planetary Materials
70Bright DustOpulent Umbral Energy
71Weapon Scrounger
72Enhancement Prism
73Eververse EngramLegs Universal Ornament
74Exotic Engram
75Raid Banner
76Small XP Boost
77Eververse EngramClass Chest
78Bright Dust
79Planetary Materials
80Bright DustCabal Loyalty Emote
81Advanced Weapon Scrounger
83Eververse EngramClass Item Ornament
84Upgrade Modules
85Enhancement Core
86Small Fireteam XP Boost
87Eververse EngramClass Helm
88Exotic Engram
89Planetary Materials
90Bright DustEnhancement Core
91Class Chest Ornament
92Opulent Umbral Energy
93Eververse EngramRaid Banner
94Enhancement Core
95Planetary MAterials
96Bright Dust
97Eververse EngramClass Helm Ornament
98Exotic Engram
99Shower of Wealth Emote
100Bright DustOne False Step Ornament

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