Destiny 2 Shared Fears Triumph: How to find the Cek’ik Boss and Loyalist Commander

Destiny 2 Shared Fears Triumph: How to find the Cek’ik Boss and Loyalist Commander

Destiny 2’s Haunted Season is finally here. As expected, there are new seasonal quests to complete, new armor sets, weapons, and an immersive atmosphere in every corner. This Destiny 2 Triumph Guide focuses on the two Triumph Battle Lines and Shared Fears, as well as how to locate the final boss for each triumph.

Destiny 2 Triumph Guide

Battle Lines and Shared Fears are two triumphs on the same map, so there are some similarities in their first steps. We’ll go over them here and then go into more detail on each triumph as needed.

  • To begin, navigate to Castellum (Derelict Leviathan) via the Moon’s destination tab.
  • Next, go around the giant Callum statue and go through the back door. Use this corridor to get to the Pleasure Garden.
  • When you’re in this room, go to the open door on the left. Then, take the new corridor to the other side to reach the Royal Pools.

Battle Lines Triumph – Loyalist Commander

Destiny 2 Triumph Guide Battle Lines Triumph

  • The key to completing this triumph is to defeat as many Loyalists as possible until the area fades to black and a public event occurs. Then you must destroy four different forts built by Loyalist Sentinels in order to summon him and end the encounter.
  • Keep tracking down all Loyalists around the area until the area went pitch black for a couple of seconds. Then. you’ll got a message on the screen saying “Loyalists Sentinels have fortified a position” close to your location.
  • Find and destroy the first fort. It’s a massive dome with enemies inside that’s marked by an objective marker. You must enter the dome and destroy the energy core located in the center.
  • Destroy the remaining three forts in the same manner as described above.
  • After you destroy the last fort, you’ll see another message on the screen informing you that “a Loyalist Sentinel Commander has arrived” in the area. The boss will most likely appear right in front of you, so be prepared.
  • All that’s left to do is to defeat the Sentinel Commander

Note that dying in this instance or the one before it will not cancel the event, but you should complete it as soon as possible just in case.

Shared Fears Triumph – Cek’ik Boss

Destiny 2 Triumph Guide Shared Fears Triumph

  • In this triumph, you must defeat as many Scorn warriors and Nightmare Lurkers as possible until The Drowned, The Sunken, and finally the Nightmare of Cek’ik appear.
  • It’s going to take some time and luck to trigger the encounters in the Royal Pools. The main piece of advice is to stick around long enough to see The Sunken. The area may be crowded with Loyalists, but try to focus on Scorn enemies and eliminate as many of them as possible.
  • Nightmare Lurkers and other Scorn enemies will appear after a while. Fire at them until you see The Drowned. This process must be repeated until you see the message “the Nightmare trinity merges into a Gestalt being,”
  • Keep an eye out for the Nightmare of Cek’ik, Seeker of the Deep, who might be nearby. When you take them out and receive the message “the Gestalt Nightmare has been defeated, the Nightmares have faded,” the battle is over.

That’s all for the Battle Lines Triumph and Shared Fears Triumph!

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