DNF Duel Tier List: Best Characters for Ranked at Launch

DNF Duel Tier List: Best Characters for Ranked at Launch

The DNF Duel tier list that follows ranks each of the 16 launch characters so that you can make an informed selection on who to main. It’s important to note that this list is only a suggestion. Feel free to choose your favorite character.

DNF Duel Tier List – Best Characters for Launch

SCrusader, Troubleshooters, Ranger, Grappler
ABerserker, Hitman, Ghostblade, Lost Warrior
BEnchantress, Dragon Knight, Vanguard, Swift Master, Inquisitor
CStriker, Kunoichi

S – Tier: Currently, the S tier characters are considered broken across the board. That won’t matter much if you don’t have the experience to pull off their intricate combos, but they’ll be strongly featured in the launch meta.

A – Tier: Meanwhile, the A-tier picks were usually solid, but they required their players to grasp heavy pressure, mixups, and previous fighting game experience to properly use them against their opponent.

B – Tier characters necessitate a significant amount of setup. While they’re intended to have tools that continuously overwhelm adversaries due to how long they can stay on the screen, pulling them off demands a level of skill that isn’t often reflected in their damage output.

C and D – Tier: After that, we have characters in the C and D tiers. We don’t recommend playing these in competitive settings. Have fun if you enjoy their appearance and playstyle.

DNF Duel Character Updates – Beta

For the curious, we’ve kept our original thoughts on the ten characters featured in the DNF Duel beta back in December 2021. Here are the overall feel and playstyle we got for every character for this beta:


Berseket is a versatile character with numerous devastating opponentsfor dealing with each scenario. Due to their long ranges, his toolbox allows him to play effective zoning even without a fireball.

DNF Duel Tier List Berseker


Despite her modest speed, Inquisitor is still a setup-heavy character, which is enhanced by the system mechanics. Inquisitor shines most with her fire setup special moves, which frequently trap opponentsin areas because to their size, duration, and inability to parry the large flaming wheel in the air.

DNF Duel Tier List Inquisitor


Grappler uses grappling moves to destroy opponentsand use armor attacks to approach them. If the Magnumsault special move is landed reliably after each one, it has an endless.

DNF Duel Tier List Grappler


Striker uses close-range pressure and mixups to defeat her opponents. While her weaponry appears to be limited in comparison to other fighters, her pressure-based playstyle is rewarded because she can still do enormous damage outside of combos if she opens up her opponents and after a long blockstring.

DNF Duel Tier List Striker


The game’s resident zoner who can play it safe by opening up impatient opponents with gunfire from a distance or style it out with combos that send him near to his opponents. The vertical air special move that shoots downwards was popular among players because it could be used to combo to itself.


Even with his massive normals that force opponents to stay back, he still needs to close the gap to mix his opponents up as these options are mostly mids that cannot break any block unless the blockstring is too long.

Dragon Knight

The game’s setup-heavy character. While her tandem strikes with her dragon show promise, the lack of a practice option to test her tools makes it difficult for players to get the most out of her.


The midrange bully relies on keeping opponents on the midrange, where his attacks work best. However, he may struggle while fighting opponents with better close-range alternatives than him.


This character has a high potential for setup-heavy play due to her rapid movement and vast toolbox. Kunoichi, like Dragon Knight, does not have the opportunity to demonstrate her powers due to the lack of a practice mode.


Crusader has a wide attack range, a moveable wall, and tremendous damage. The Crusader’s usual playstyle is to continually drop the hammer on their opponents while they are backed up against his wall. In battle, he can also employ the wall special move to bounce opponents toward him.

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