Does Call of Duty Ranked Mode count as an eSport?

eSports continues to be an ever-growing and burgeoning industry as gamers continue to seek the best gameplay experiences.

One reason this particular sector of gaming has become so popular in recent years is due to the highly competitive nature of the games being played, with individuals from all around the world competing against each other in competitions to become the best.

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With more and more games and options being released, there have never been as many attractive options for players and fans of eSports. However, can Call of Duty’s new mode release be considered to be an eSport?

Call of Duty launch Ranked Mode on Modern Warfare II

Set to be launched at the beginning of Season 02, Ranked Play will be made available to players enjoying Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. Given what the mode can provide, it is not too difficult to see it become an eSport in the near future, either.

For those unaware, Ranked Play is a 4×4 Multiplayer mode that will utilize everything that the Call of Duty League play uses; this includes the rules that are set and followed, as well as the restrictions and each of the maps and modes that are available.

With these rules in mind, it is easy to see why many believe that it could count as an eSport once it is released, as it remains as competitive as other titles that are already on the market. Additionally, players will have to be of high quality and advanced to play in this mode.

Ranked Play requires individuals to be at least Level 16, but the 4×4 Multiplayer round will be as competitive as possible as each weapon and attachment has been made available as they are unlocked. This can help to encourage competitive action, which is what eSports is arguably all about!

How can Ranked Mode be judged as an eSport?

When playing the Ranked Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, players will be able to receive Skill Rating (SR) points for each win that they are able to pick up. Those that manage to obtain the most SR points could then be considered the winner. However, what could make things competitive is the fact that those players who lose will also lose SR points, too!

Furthermore, to make things even more competitive, there are a number of different tiers (levels) available that feature different SR points brackets. Players will be able to compete on a level playing field, thus making things fairer, and perhaps helping the mode to become an eSport 

Will we see Ranked Play become an eSport?

Naturally, only time will tell if Ranked Play in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II will become an eSport, but with the Call of Duty League already in full swing and highly popular, it would not be a surprise if the developers looked into it and decided to launch it in the future.