Download Game Patches, Box Art & Manage Game Database [Game Manager]

It can be a daunting task to manage your PC Game database and to periodically find and download  officially released game patches, box art, etc.

Game Manager is a free software which automates game management tasks and helps PC gaming enthusiasts to download game box art, synopsis, screenshots, official game patches and organizes gaming database. Using Game Manager you can either create a manual database or import saved database from online sources. It provides a list of all installed games and allows launching them from within Game Manager interface. The downloaded game covers are displayed in the menu to help you identify each game.

Game Manager

During installation, Game Manager prompts to select a display screen. You can either view the Game Manager interface with  CoverFlow or NormalFlow view.


In the next step, select a resolution to suit your needs and according to your monitor capability.

graphic Mode

After that, you will require configuring your database.

Run Database

In case you do not wish to configure the database during the setup, you can do it later from Tools option from the main screen. The above mentioned options can also be accessed from the Windows start menu after going to Start –> Game Manager –> Settings.


The database configuration requires you to either import your game database from an online source or to manually select games from your hard drive. To manually add games to your database, select a folder to scan click Add. Once the scan  is complete, the EXE file list will appear. Select an executable file and click Try EXE to test it. Once you have selected a game to add to the database, click OK to add the game to the database. This way, you can add all your games to the database.


The added games can be accessed from the main screen and the Game List option.


You can automatically mount image files such as a backup of your game to create a game libraries by using Deamon Tools and Alcohol. It must be noted that neither of these disk mounting tools come built-in with Game Manager and require being installed separately.

Game Patch

Game manager works on many old and new versions on Windows, including

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