A Friend Possessed – Super Janemba Event Guide

If you have recommended teams or units for this guide please add them in to help others out.

Rewards & Drops:

  • 4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage
  • Chance for a Random gold Support Item each time you complete Z-Hard Innocent Monstrosity
  • The event Specific Dokkan medal 


StageBossDropsDifficultyStamUnit XPRank XPZeni
Innocent MonstrosityNormal1010,0001,5005,200
Innocent Monstrosity
Innocent MonstrosityZ-Hard20100,0008,00022,500
Demon of War1st Battle:

2nd Battle:

40 stamina Demon of War tips:

  • Characters with the link skill Super Saiyan hit for more against Janemba.

Recommended Teams: