Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – Beginners Guide

The first thing most people get confused with is the flow of completing stages. You start on what has a board game feel, then move around from the random numbers you are given. The aim here is to pick up items and avoid getting hit from the red circles. Eventually you’ll run into a battle or get stopped in a battle. At the end of the battle you are returned to moving around the stage and you repeat this until you hit the end of the stage. Note: You can’t use the items you pick up in a stage while you’re still in that stage. And that basically it!

What you shouldn’t do

  • Don’t spend Dragon Stones to revive after you lost a fight. This is a waste of a dragon stone. Instead, accept the defeat and wait till your stamina restores and do it again. Stamina is much easier to get than Dragon Stones.
  • Once you get a decent team don’t keep spending your Dragon Stones on pulling more characters. Instead, save up your Dragon Stones for events were the chances of pulling better characters are raised (explained in the next section). These happen fairly often so you won’t have to wait long. If you want more characters do the running events to gain new SR and R characters.
  • Don’t spend your training items that give less than 12,000 XP to your main characters. Later on I’ll explain how to get 5 times more xp out of training items that give under 12,000 XP.
  • Don’t sell or feed off R and above characters unless it was originally a N character unless you don’t care about collecting characters.

Pull Events

Pull events come around every couple of weeks. Basically the admins will raise the chances of SSR characters or certain rare characters to be pulled from Dragon Stone pulls. This can last 1 day or 2 weeks and will be shared on the events board before it starts. This is when you should spend your Dragon Stones.


Re-rolling is where you keep restarting the game until you get an SSR or very good SR character from your first pull your given (which is a guaranteed SR or above). If you start the game with an average SR character then you should delete the game and re-install it to try get a better character. This can be time-consuming if you keep getting bad pulls, and you most likely want to do this as fast as possible. To find the fastest methods for your device type (IOS or Android), try a quick google search on re-rolling dbz dokkan battle ‘device type’ (the methods change depending on device type and version the game is at so I won’t list the current fastest re-rolling methods here as they will be outdated over time).

Leveling and Awakening Characters

You need to level characters to get their ATK, DEF, and HP higher. The units max level depends on its rarity: N -> 20, R -> 40, SR -> 60, SSR -> 80, UR -> 100. Once you get a character to its max level you can z-awaken them. Z-awakening characters is kind of like evolving them, but they still look the same. A normal Saiyan won’t become a super Saiyan from being z-awakened. But their rarity does go up by 1, so a SR unit will become a SSR unit. This means they can be leveled another 20 levels and their stats can be raised more (most characters can only be z-awoken once). Further from this some characters can be Dokkan Awakened after they are z-awakened. If they are dokkan awakened then their level will go back down to 1, they can then be leveled to their max level again and be z-awakened for a second time to gain another rarity jump. Flow chart of a SR unit with levels it has to go though to be awakened twice: SR lvl 1-60 > z-awaken > SSR LVL 60-80 > dokkan awaken > SSR LVL 1-80 > z-awaken > UR 80-100 Note: all Frieza’s can be dokkan awakened into a UR golden Frieza. If you run out of awakening items you can run the daily awakening events during the week. ¬†¬†Best way to level units: The most common way of leveling units is by using training items. If you are looking for training items you can get them at Korin’s tower. This is a special event stage that shows up daily at 19:00 – 20:00 & 12:00 – 13:00 PST. The stage is littered with training items and also gives large amounts of XP to your characters from the battles. The fastest way to level units is to z-awaken fodder N units into LVL 20 R units. A level 20 R unit gives about 45,000 XP and only takes about 7,500 XP and 6 small awakening items to get them there (thus over 5 times the return on the XP you put into it). There is no point leveling the z-awakened N unit further to level 40 as it will then only give out less than double the XP you put into it. Tip: feed training items and characters to the same Type (STR, AGL etc…) for a 50% XP bonus

Team Cost

You can’t go running around with the best team possible right off the bat because you won’t have the ‘team cost’ to do so. Each character has a certain cost, the better the character the higher its cost is. As your rank level increases your maximum team cost amount will increase as well, letting you have better and better teams. If you’re trying to add a character to your team and it won’t let you its most likely because you need to be a higher rank before you can have all those good units on your team.

Rank Level

Once you finish a chapter/round you’ll get XP which will go towards your rank level. Having a higher rank level gives plenty of benefits including having a higher max on your stamina, having a higher team cost, being able to add more friends etc.. Note: each time you rank up your stamina is fully restored.

Link Skills

You would’ve learned about link skills in the game tutorial/ introduction. If you have 2 units with the same link skill next to each other then the skill is activated. Normally this either gives more Ki (so you are closer to getting using your special ATK) or increases your ATK and/or DEF by a fixed amount or a percentage.

Leader Ability

When you put a team together you want to look at each characters leader ability and decide which will benefit the team the most. If you don’t look then you might have a leader that gives +1 Ki to your units as their leader ability and have another unit in the team that gives +2 Ki as their leader ability (or a higher ATK percent).

Super Attack & Dokkan mode

A character super attack is normally launched when 5-7 of the same color orbs are reached on the characters turn (or a lot of a different color orb). Dokkan mode is launched when the dokkan bar is full and a character launches their super attack. Every character’s super attack can be leveled so it deals more damage. To level their super attack you must feed the exact same character to it (another version of the same character won’t level their super attack). The highest level a super attack can get to is 10.

Passive Skill

A units passive skill is only activated when the condition listed in the passive skill description is met e.g. HP under 80%, or Ki meter above 3. Also, the character has to be one of the 3 attacking units for the passive skill to be activated. The skills benefit will only last 1 turn.

Basic Battle Tips

If your stuck on a boss the best thing to do is look at the Type hexagon chart in the top right corner. You should have most of your teams Type work against the bosses type. e.g. if the Boss is INT (purple) have PHY (orange) types in your team, re-arrange your attacking units to have the boss hit your strongest PHY unit every time. This will more than half the bosses attack. Also don’t have any units that are going to be weak against their type (the color the opponents color is pointing to) so if the boss is Purple don’t have Green units on your team because they will do very little against him and get attacked for huge damage.


Zeni is obviously the currency in the game. You mainly need zeni to level characters and awaken them. At first it might feel like your hoarding large amounts of zeni and think it’s too easy to get, but as you need to awaken units to SSR and UR you realize how important it is (about 530,000 to awaken a unit to SSR and 1,300,000 to awaken them to UR). If you do run out of Zeni you can run Hercules zeni event on weekends for bulk zeni.

Friend Points

On the game click Summon and scroll down to see the friend points you’ve collected from battles and gifts. Use them to get more characters. Most of the time you get N units which you can awaken to R and feed off for bulk XP. But sometimes you can get R and SR units. (You should keep R and SR units)

Dragon Stones

You get dragon stones from gifts, completing most battles for the first time, missions or by purchasing them. Either spend your dragon stones on expanding your box space so you can hold more characters or on character pulls (during pull events). You can spend your Dragon Stones to refill your stamina or revive after dying in battle but this can be a waste unless you have a super rare item you need or you refill your stamina to run a 24-hour event over and over.

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