Majin Buu Gohan Absorbed – The Terrifying Transforming Majin Dokkan Event Guide


Rewards & Drops:

  • 4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each difficulty on each stage
  • The event specific Dokkan Medal
CharacterRarityHPATKDEFLeader SkillPassive Skill
Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan) – Eradicator of HopeSR > SSR6,7425,9643,589STR type HP, ATK, and DEF +20%STR type ATK +25%


StageDifficultyStamBossDropsUnit XPRank XPZeni
 Majin’s TransformationNormal105,0001,5005,200
 Majin’s TransformationHard1515,0004,00010,000
  Majin’s TransformationZ-Hard201st Battle:

2nd Battle:

Drops 0-250,0008,00022,500
Horrendous Majin’s OnslaughtSuper Hard504 turns

4 turns

4 turns

2 turns

2 turns

Rest of Battle


Extra info & tips:

  • On stage ‘Horrendous Majin’s Onslaught‘ Buu changes forms over time. On his 3rd transformation (Buucolo), he starts regenerating 400,000 HP each turn. You can nullify this with the link skill Power Bestowed by Gods.