Ultimate Gohan – Unlimited Awakened Power Dokkan Event Guide



  • 4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage.
  • The event Specific Dokkan medal 


Stage Boss Difficulty Stam Unit XP Rank XP Zeni Drops
Unawakened Ability Normal 10 5,000 1,500 5,200
Unawakened Ability
Hard 15 15,000 4,000 10,000
Unawakened Ability 1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
Z-Hard 20 50,000 8,000 22,500
The Extreme Force 1st Battle:
2nd Battle:
3rd Battle:
Z-Hard 40 80,000 15,000 45,000

Extra info & tips:

  • The stage ‘The Extreme Force’ is for more advanced players. You need a team with a good balance of defence tanks (to absorb the hits) and nukers (to deal +100k damage on Super attacks). Or if you’re not fortunate enough to have good characters like that yet then build the best team you can with the link skill ‘The Wall Standing Tall‘ and a passive skill that can deactivate Gohan’s skills:

  • The first time this event was on global there was a glitch that meant Gohan’s skills weren’t being activated which made it a fairly easy event for a Dokkan event. If you find a walkthrough video on youtube posted around August 2015 it doesn’t guarantee that if you use that team you will also make it through. They would’ve been taking advantage of the glitch.