World Tournament Guide


World Tournament Tips, Tricks and FAQ

The DBZ Dokkan Battle World Tournament is an event that lasts for about 5 days, on the 5th day it ends but don’t worry there will be more that start! You battle computerised players generated from your friends list and earn Tournament Points for beating them.


Q. What are the tournament prizes? 

A. You can see the tournament prizes form the tournament rewards page, (click on the tournament icon on the home screen and click ‘Reward’ on the right). You get ranking rewards which for those who place in the top 5,000 normally consist of an SSR unit, an SSR summoning ticket, and other nice jackpots. If you rank outside the top 5,000 you still get rewards. You also get Mission rewards which mostly consist of dragon stones, XP, and summoning tickets. Rewards refresh each new tournament.

Q. What are summoning tickets?

A. You can use your summoning tickets at the summoning area. There are special portals to summon from in the summoning area that use summoning tickets instead of Dragon Stones or Friend Points. It cost one golden ticket or 5 silver tickets for one summon. You can also get SSR tickets which guarantee a SSR unit is pulled.

Q. How do people get so many tournament points?

A. You will need to spend dragon stones to refresh your stamina to rank in the top 5,000. One tournament run cost 60 stamina total and you might need to churn through 25-30 dragon stones getting into the top 5,000

Q. Is it worth spending dragon stones to get to the top 5,000?

A. Yes. You can spend 50 dragon stones on a multi-summon and you have a high chance of not getting a single SSR. Alternatively  you can spend 30 dragon stones to rank in the top 5,000 for 2 guaranteed SSR units plus a bunch of free summons, loads of items, character XP, and you get a large chunk of the dragon stones back from the mission rewards. The only downfall to trying to rank in the top 5,000 is that you need a lot of spare time, doing tournament runs is very time consuming.

Q. What are Tournament Tiers?

A. They are basically just there to hit milestones in missions which gains you more rewards. It also motivates you to reach number 1 and shows you where you stack up against everyone else behind and ahead of you.    Q. How do I win a tournament? A. Each tournament has 4 rounds where you face off agains opponents. Its not particularly difficulty to win a tournament, If you find yourself loosing read the tips below!

Tips and Tricks

  • The opponents have very little health, use your teams colors to your advantage and target the ones your attacking character has an advantage against first.
  • For defence you can block attacks by taking advantage of colors. Mix your team up with multiple colors to be ready for most cases.
  • As well as having a multiple color team try and pair link skills. By having an all z fighter, frieza, saiyan etc.. themed team you will connect more link skills and have a better advantage of winning.
  • Grab the heal up when you can if you find yourself struggling, and remember your HP carries over to the next round.
  • The more enemies you kill the more points you get so unless your struggling for HP, don’t avoid them.
  • Sell the Hercule statue character you obtain through the tournament for bulk Zeni.
  • The awakened R characters you get in the tournament give decent amounts of XP when fed to a character.
  • The higher your team cost the stronger your opponents and the more points you get.