Fan Favorite Tingyun Returns in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.5 Leak?

A recent leak for Honkai: Star Rail 2.5 has sent shockwaves through the community, hinting at the return of a beloved character – Tingyun.

Fan Favorite Tingyun Returns in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.5 Leak?

Tingyun, known for her endearing personality and tragic fate, has been a fan favorite since her introduction. However, players last saw her in Version 1.3, where she was seemingly killed by Phantylia the Undying. Despite witnessing her demise, Tingyun’s mysterious disappearance left many fans clinging to hope that she might still be alive.

According to a leak on Reddit, data miners discovered a new “Tingyun variant” in the alleged Version 2.5 beta. This new form is said to feature a dramatic makeover for Tingyun, with long, white hair (with a hint of pink) and “at least four tails.” This starkly contrasts with her original brown-haired appearance.

Tingyun Honkai Star Rail 2.5
Image via HoYoverse

The leak remains silent on whether this new Tingyun will be playable or when she might appear. Speculation is rife, with some fans hoping for a Version 2.5 release alongside the other Xianzhou Luofu characters. Additionally, the leak has sparked theories about this new form’s personality. Could this be a completely different Tingyun, a stark contrast to the one players grew to love?

This potential return marks a significant development for Honkai: Star Rail. If confirmed, it would be the first instance of a non-protagonist receiving an alternate form. Currently, only the Trailblazer (Dan Heng) and March 7th have alternate playable forms (Imbibitor Lunae and the upcoming DPS form, respectively).

With the Version 2.5 beta leak swirling, excitement and anticipation are building within the Honkai: Star Rail community. Whether this leak proves true, and whether the new Tingyun represents a revival or something more complex, one thing’s for certain: Tingyun’s return, in whatever form it takes, promises to shake up the game.