FEW:3H Best Class Tier List – Pegasus Knight

FEW:3H Best Class Tier List - Pegasus Knight

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, there are 36 classes, each of which enhances one character while limiting the potential of another. To assist you in selecting the best classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, we’ve created this FEW:3H Best Class Tier List guide, which ranks the classes in the game from best to worst.

Best Class Tier List

S-TierPegasus Knight, Cavalier, Thief
A-TierFluegel, Armored Lord, Mage, Wyvern Master
B-TierBrigand, Archer, Priest, High Lord
C-TierBrawler, Monk, Armored Knight, Mercenary

Best Class in FEW:3H – Pegasus Knight

FEW:3H Best Class Pegasus Knight

Overall, Pegasus Knight is one of the most well-rounded classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. The Pegasus Knight is close-ranged unit that ride winged creatures called Pegasi.

The Pegasus Knight does a lot of damage and has a good defense, especially against magic. They can perform well in almost every combat circumstance. Because of their flight ability, Pegasus Knight can effortlessly avoid enemy strikes while simultaneously dealing harm to them without being hit back. The class’s moveset also allows players to perform insane combinations, making this class highly enjoyable to play with.

The only disadvantage of the Pegasus Knight class is that they must rely on ground teammates because they are vulnerable to physical attacks and have difficulty traveling around maps besieged by archers.

The best characters for Pegasus Knights are following:

Pegasus Knight Class Stats, Rates, Bonus, Abilities

Base Stats


Growth Rates


Stats Bonus


Primary Class Abilities

  • Alert Stance: While dodging, the number of frames where you’re invincible is increased.
  • Sword Buster Level 2: When going up against enemies with swords, this ability gives a one-tier advantage which boosts your damage against them by 85%.

Equipped Class Abilities

  • Pegasus Knight’s Wisdom: When using Pegasus Knight and Falcon Knight class actions, the Awakening Gauge fills up quicker.
  • Pegasus Knight’s Ploy: Pegasus Knight and Falcon Knight class actions have one element added to them which is based upon the active unit.
  • Tableturner: After you perform a perfect dodge, the critical attack time period is increased.

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