FIFA 23 New Stadiums : Full List Confirmed

FIFA 23 New Stadiums : Full List Confirmed

In FIFA 23 new stadiums will be added for you to play in, allowing you to create an even more immersive experience with your Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 New Stadiums: Full List Confirmed

New stadiums have been confirmed for FIFA 23, with four new grounds set to be licensed in this year’s game.

EA added five new stadiums to FIFA 22, which were:

  • Estadio da Luz (Benfica)
  • Brentford Community Stadium (Brentford)
  • Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla (Cadiz CF)
  • Estadio do Dragao (Porto)
  • SchucoArena (Arminia Bielefeld)

Here is the list of FIFA 23 new stadiums that you can use when the game comes out:

  • Allianz Arena¬†(Bayern Munich)
  • Allianz Stadium¬†(Juventus)
  • City Ground Stadium¬†(Nottingham Forest)
  • Spotify Camp Nou¬†(Barcelona)
  • Stadio Olimpico¬†(Lazio/Roma)

Fifa wiki :

Genre(s)Sports (association football)
Developer(s)Extended Play Productions (1993‚Äď1997)
EA Vancouver¬†(1997‚Äďpresent)
EA Romania¬†(2016‚Äďpresent)
Publisher(s)EA Sports
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First releaseFIFA International Soccer
15 December 1993
Latest releaseFIFA 22
30 September 2021