Fighting Tiger Liberal: Perfect Action Game For Low End Android Devices

Fighting Tiger – Liberal is a free 3D action game for Android that works smoothly on low-end Android devices. If you own an Android device that has little internal memory and hardware that does not support the advanced 3D action games available on Google Play, then its time you played Fighting Tiger – Liberal.

This game is ideal for devices like HTC Explorer which not only has very little internal memory but merely runs on a 600 MHz processor and an Adreno 200 GPU. While these specs were a big deal back in the day, such Gingerbread devices are now not much to talk about. Moreover such devices are not receiving any official Android updates for the newer Android ICS or Jelly Bean OS versions, perhaps because of their low end specifications. In such a case one can end up with a device that cannot fully benefit from the action that some famous Android games in the Google Play store have to offer but this does not mean that one cannot find good action games to play on such devices. Fighting Tiger even works with ancient Android 2.2 devices and can be a good past time for Android users who may be stuck with the older Android operating system versions.

Fighting Tiger – Liberal

The Plot

Fighting Tiger starts with the story of Jin who is desperate to leave his gang and start a new life with his girl friend Shan, however his girlfriend is abducted by the gang that he works for and he has no other option but to fight against gang members to rescue Shan.

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Game Play

Fighting Tiger has reasonable graphics that appear neither too old nor as good as some other high end games. Nonetheless, it delivers the goods as it offer some nice action and reasonable level of difficulty, which increases as you progress in the game. Along the way you also get access to some nice weapons which spring up every now and then. For example, from time to time you are provided with Baseball bats, Dynamites and Ninja Stars. Furthermore, as you progress in the game you are given the choice to use various items that can be used against the enemy including wooden boxes that can be thrown on the enemy.

Fighting Tiger Game Play


You can also use a combination of various keys to deliver different types of punches and kicks to better fight your opponents. This is particularly required when you are fighting 2-3 players simultaneously. I personally found the baseball bat to be quite useful in quickly knocking out opponents and proceeding to newer stages. To learn new moves before playing the game you can enter the “Teaching Mode”.

Fighting Tiger

Video Demo

For a demo of this game, check out developer’s video given below.

The primary moves in this game include the ability to punch, kick, scratch, dodge and block opponents during a fight. Fighting Tiger is compatible with Android 2.2 or above.

Download Fighting Tiger – Liberal For Android