Fortnite update 22.40 patch notes: Release date, server downtime & details

Fortnite update 22.40 patch notes: Release date, time count down

Fortnite update 22.40 is expected to arrive on November 15 around 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT.

Server downtime

Downtime will begin at same time, with matchmaking disabled half an hour before. These updates usually last a few hours, allowing everyone to experience the new content at the same time.

Fortnite patch notes 22.40 details :

As for the patch notes and bug fixes for the Fortnite 22.40 update, Epic Games have not listed any on their Trello issues board. The only confirmed fix is for Creative where “Prop Movers can’t always be reactivated in one round.”

Additionally, a developer confirmed that Save the World’s Plasma Discharger will be nerfed with update 22.40, correctly labeling it as an explosive weapon, preventing it from dealing “unintended damage to the Storm King’s Horn.”

Plasmatic Discharger upcoming changes from FORTnITE

Battle Royale fixes:

• In Battle Lab, players may be kicked back to the hub when entering water

– When entering any water in Battle Lab, players may get kicked back to the hub.

• Some previous battle pass outfits are missing color

– Some outfits from previous Battle Passes may appear completely white and not their intended color.

Fortnite wiki :

Genre(s)Survival, battle royale, sandbox
Developer(s)Epic Games
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First releaseFortnite: Save the World
July 25, 2017 (early access)