How to Get All Free Agents in Zenless Zone Zero: Ben, Soukaku & More

Here’s your guide to acquiring all the free-to-play agents available in Zenless Zone Zero and bolstering your anti-Hollow squad.

Free Agents in Zenless Zone Zero: How to Get Them

While gacha pulls bring a wider vZenless Zone Zero – Wikipediaariety of Agents, ZZZ offers a generous selection of free characters to bolster your ranks. Here’s the complete roster:

  • Anby
  • Billy
  • Nicole
  • Corin
  • Ben
  • Soukaku

While they might not be the rarest, having all these free characters allows you to experiment and create parties with different elemental strengths and playstyles, making sure you’re prepared for various challenges.

Starter Agents

These three Agents are yours simply for starting the game! They’ll be your companions through the initial tutorial, offering easy-to-learn kits that let you jump right into the action. Don’t worry if you’re new to the genre – these characters are perfect for beginners.

Anby, Billy, and Nicole are also part of the permanent banner, so you can pull for them later to unlock their Talent upgrades.

Pre-Registration Reward

Did you pre-register for Zenless Zone Zero? Then Corin Wickes is waiting for you! Just head to your in-game mailbox to claim her. Unlike some other HoYoverse games, you don’t need to go through any hoops to unlock the mailbox. Just play for a few minutes, and you’ll be able to access it from the Main Menu.

zenless zone zero agents
Image via HoYoverse
Free Characters from Events

Ben joins your party as the ultimate reward for the “Rookie on the Road” event. All you need to do is complete Chapter 2, Story Mission 1 of the main campaign. In other words, just keep playing the story, and you’ll have Ben on your team in a couple of hours.

Soukaku is another free character you can add to your roster. You’ll unlock him after completing Shiyu Defense 3 – 4 in this special game mode. Shiyu Defense unlocks after you finish Chapter 2 and enter its Intermission section. Claim Soukaku through the Eridu Frontier event.

Zenless Zone Zero is a young game, and HoYoverse loves to spoil their players. We expect them to add even more free characters in future updates, so keep an eye out and we’ll update this guide to reflect the latest additions.

With this bunch of free characters at your side, you’ll have a well-rounded team ready to take on the challenges of New Eridu. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Zenless Zone Zero and start building your dream party!