Galactic Insects: Save The Galaxy From Killer Insects On Android

Galaxy Insects is a fun and Free Android Game where the player enters the pest world to save the galaxy by eliminating killer pests!

The game play is quite simple and the user just needs to tap on the cannon to shoot the pests. The longer you tap the cannon, the further you can shoot your adversaries. Each level of this game provides a goal that has to be met. Make sure that you don’t waste the bullets because they come in limited supply. Sometimes you will also be provided with additional awards, (some hearts), make sure you do not miss them.


There are 6 planets in the game and more than 50 levels with different challenges. As you progress in the game, it becomes more difficult and the insects begin to move at a faster speed. Hence, playing this game might be a good way to challenge your hand-eye coordination level and cognitive skills.

Android Shooter Game

Galactic Insects is a simple, casual Android game. Which might be good enough to kill some time when you are getting bored. You can find out more about Galaxy Insects from the developer’s video given below.

Galaxy Insects is more of an old fashioned Arcade game, which may not have extraordinary graphics but serves as a mind boggling game for having fun, the old fashioned way.  If you were born in the 80s, it might just revive some old memories from the good old arcade days. It works with Android devices running version 2.2 or above.

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