Genshin Impact 3.0 leaked : Alternate Sprint fix for uneven terrain

Alternate Sprints are Talents which replace the normal Sprinting of Characters.

Sayu and Kamisato Ayaka can be seen with the Alternate Sprints

With the short video on Twitter, we see both Sayu and Kamisato Ayaka use their alternate sprints to quickly travel through some of the rougher terrain.

In the short videos, we see Sayu rolls around over top of the main fountain in that same area using her Elemental Skill , while Ayaka snowflake sprinting over tables in the middle of Mondstadt’s main city.

Reddit leaks show : 3.0 alternate sprint changes

A Reddit post by user Sweet-Promotion-974 seems to confirm the change. : the video features three characters from Inazuma: Yelan , Sayu and Ayaka. All of these characters move back and forth across a small ledge on their respective striker abilities.

3.0 alternate sprint change from Genshin_Impact_Leaks


Genshin Impact wiki :

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