How To Beat Dead Pool (Weapon 11 Big Boss) In X Men Origins Wolverine [Video Guide]

Weapon 11 aka Dead Pool is the final hurdle in winning the X Men origins Wolverine Game. When the camera zooms back to Wolverine and the sound slows down, Dodge to the right or left as dead pool unleashes a devastating Optic Blast that destroys a chunk of the tower. You have to be  careful of the ledges Deapool creates, by destroy parts of the tower. He’ll blast chucks of the tower during the battle and are at risk of falling off these. You can charge a Heavy Attack and Uppercut him in mid air,  then follow through with mid-air slices. Alternatively, if you can knock him to his back, quickly perform a Heavy Attack while he is still down. Now keep doing Heavy Attacks on him . You can pin him on the ground like this for a while. He generally teleports away eventually, but you’ll be doing a lot of damage.

Stay close to him, be careful around the gaps and keep attacking him until Deadpool is finally beaten. Here is a video guide to help you understand this procedure and to beat the bog boss Dead Pool at any difficulty level to win the game.



Video Credit: PS360HD [YouTube Channel]