How To Defeat Seth In Street Fighter 4 On Any Difficulty Level [Video Guide]

Bison was replaced by Seth as the big boss in Street Fighter IV franchise. Seth no doubt is the hardest opponent in the game and it can be a bit frustrating to beat him. In this post we will tell you how to beat Seth at any difficulty level of the game including the hardest level, with tips and demonstration videos.

My personal experience has led to the conclusion that the best player to beat Seth on even the hardest level is Blanka. Just keep sending out his electric shocks and Seth will be helpless. There is a brief moment when he lures the enemy towards himself, disabling their power. Don’t give up the electric shocks even when you are bound by Seth, as there is a brief millisecond where he gives a gap before executing a blow.If you are continuously attempting to send out shocks, he wont be able to execute his blow and will be electrocuted. For a demo regarding beating Seth at any level with Rio, Akuma, etc, check out the below videos.


Street Fighter IV – How To Beat Seth On Hardest

How To Defeat Seth With Rio At Any Difficulty

How to beat Seth Street Fighter 4 [Akuma]

Street fighter IV – Gouken VS Seth (BOSS) – Hardest


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