How to get Vivillon patterns in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ?

Vivillon is a Pokemon that first appeared in Generations VI in X and Y. It has a total of 20 patterns , of which 18 are geographically unique. To collect them all, you need to get one from the player in each region.

What are all Vivillon patterns?

Here is a list of all 18 Geographical Vivillon Patterns in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Archipelago Pattern
  • Continental Pattern
  • Garden Pattern
  • Elegant Pattern
  • High Plains Pattern
  • Icy Snow Pattern
  • Jungle Pattern
  • Meadow Pattern
  • Marine Pattern
  • Modern Pattern
  • Monsoon Pattern
  • Ocean Pattern
  • Polar Pattern
  • River Pattern
  • Savanna Pattern
  • Sandstorm Pattern
  • Sun Pattern
  • Tundra Pattern

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet : How to get Vivillon patterns ?

One idea is that if you can get the postcards in different regions and capture the different forms in Pokemon GO, those forms could be available to catch in Scarlet and Violet if you link the account. mine.

It’s also possible that Vivillon’s forms will work the same way as Generations VI in X and Y (you can check the guides bellow), and you’ll need to trade the models for other players through the new Special Trade system.

How to Get Special Event Vivillons

  1. Connect your Nintendo 3DS system to the Internet.
  2. Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
  3. Select Receive Gift, then Yes.
  4. Select Get Via Internet, then Yes.
  5. Speak to the delivery girl in any Pokemon Center to receive your Vivillon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Vivillon Location

  • Evolves from Spewpa at Level 12
  • Biome: Flower (30%)
  • Area: Matching Biome
    • Flower: South Province (Area One), The Pokémon League, South Province (Area Two), South Province (Area Four), South Province (Area Six), South Province (Area Five), West Province (Area One), Asado Desert, Tagtree Thicket, Glaseado Mountain [2], North Province (Area Three), North Province (Area One), North Province (Area Two), East Paldean Sea
  • Time: Morning, Noon, Evening, Night
  • Version: Scarlet, Violet
  • Held Item: None

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Wiki :

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