Jackie Chun – Master of Masters Super Strike Event



Character Rarity HP ATK DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill

Jackie Chun – Seasoned Sensei
SR > SSR 6,616 7,108 4,181 TEQ Type Ki +3 ATK +10% for TEQ characters
V V V Dokkan Awaken V V V

Jackie Chun – Martial Artist’s Pride
SSR > UR 5,450 5,891 3,474 TEQ and INT Ki +3 TEQ ATK & DEF +25%


Stage Difficulty Boss Drops Stam Rank XP Unit XP Zeni
Master of Masters Normal 8 150 700 4,400
Master of Masters Hard 12 700 1,300 8,400
Master of Masters Z-Hard 15 3,000 5,795 17,300
The Determined Martial Artist Z-Hard 1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
25 5,000 12,689 27,689

Extra info and Tips:

  • You need a team cost of 100 or less to run The Determined Martial Artist
  • A full INT team of SSR or above is more than enough to get through Master of Masters Z-Hard
  • The Determined Martial Artist is for more experienced players. Most take along a few R/SR stunners, have an INT Ki +3 leader and some decent hitting INT units, maybe even a nuker if you can fit one in
  • Jackie Chun isn’t a guaranteed drop. The higher the difficulty the higher the drop rate


Here is an explanation on how to get the strike cards Super Attack to 15