King Vegeta – Savage Sovereign Super Strike Event Guide



  • 1 Dragon Stone for completing each stage. For a total of 4 Dragon Stones
  • The event Specific Dokkan medalused to dokkan awaken King Vegeta – Proud Royalty
CharacterRarityHPATKDEFLeader SkillPassive Skill
King Vegeta – Proud RoyaltySR > SSR6,5655,8303,173INT Type Ki +3Ki +3 when HP is 50% or below
VVVDokkan AwakenVVV
King Vegeta – Reign of the WarriorsSSR > UR8,0836,7853,851INT and PHY Type Ki +3Ki +4 when HP is 80% or below


Quest NameDifficultyStamBossDropsRank XPCharacter XPZeni
Savage SovereignNormal81507004,500
Savage SovereignHard127001,3008,400
Savage SovereignZ-Hard153,0007,16221,930
An Invasion Bet on PrimacyZ-Hard251st Battle:

2nd Battle:


Extra info:

  • To battle on An Invasion Bet on Primacy your team cost cant exceed 100
  • The higher the difficulty on Savage Sovereign the higher your chances are of King Vegeta – Proud Royalty to drop
  • A full PHY team of SR or higher should be enough to complete Savage Sovereign Z-Hard

An Invasion Bet on Primacy Tips:

  • We recommend you use a PHY +3 Ki leader with low cost PHY stunners. Choose Gogeta as a friend captain or a good PHY nuker to nuke Android 16.
  • Have turn skipping, damage reducing and full HP healing support items, or a Ki Sphere Changer to get more Super Attacks launched