Litwick and Kirlia are combined in a impressive Pokemon fusion art

Pokemon fusion art

A skilled Pokemon fan has created fusion art depicting a Pokemon that is both terrifying and unique: a Litwick & Kirlia hybrid.

Litwick and Kirlia are combined in a impressive Pokemon fusion art

Kirlia is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 3 that evolves from Ralts at level 20. Despite its powerful psychokinetic abilities, Kirlia is a friendly Pokemon who enjoys sunny mornings and dancing. Litwick, a Ghost/Fire-type Pokemon, can fool trainers because it is both cute and scary. Litwick has a flame on its head that is powered by life energy absorbed by the Pokemon. Litwick steals people’s and Pokemon’s life energy and sends them into the Ghost World to obtain this energy.

Reddit user Eastern-Read-2090 combined Litwick and Kirlia to make an impressive piece of fusion art. The user kept the basic shape of Kirlia’s body but made some changes to highlight the fusion with Litwick. With this, Kirlia has purple legs or hair, or both, that match the color of the flame on top of its head. Even though there are kind Pokemon like Lapras and proud ones like Braviary, the result of the fusion art is a Pokemon that could be really bad. Much of this is due to the creature’s sad and even menacing eyes, which are shaped like Kirlia’s but yellow like Litwick’s.

The fusion art that Eastern-Read-2090 made was liked by the other people on the official Pokemon subreddit. One of the comments even brought up something interesting: the fusion could be a type of Pokemon from the Past Paradox, and the name Flaming Fairy was suggested for it.

This art reminds us of the Pokemon community’s incredible creativity. It makes fans wonder what it would be like if Kirlia and Litwick had an official fusion, or even if Game Freak announced a Paradox Pokemon along these lines. The Kirlia and Litwick fusion also highlights how Ghost-type Pokemon inevitably stand out due to their ability to inspire scary stories, even through fan art.