Phobies : 10 Best Meta Monster Card Tier List (May 2022)

Phobies : Best Meta Monster Card Tier List

Phobies is a tactical card collecting strategy game in which players battle each other in the surreal realm of the subconscious, where fears manifest. Use devious tactics and unleash a dazzling array of attacks and abilities to achieve victory!

Phobies : 10 Best Meta Monster Card Tier List for May 2022

This tier list will be separated into categories of S, A, B, and C as follows:

S-Tier Monsters

  • Alley Gator

  • Blast-0 Matic

  • Sheeping Gas

A-Tier Monsters

  • Eratic

  • Jar Cannon

  • Murder Wing

  • Grave Digger

B-Tier Monsters

  • Finnigan

  • Stabby

C-Tier Monsters

  • Razor Mouth

Phobies wiki :

Initial release date: March 7, 2022

Developer: Smoking Gun Interactive Inc.
Publisher: Smoking Gun Interactive Inc.
Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows
Genres: Free-to-play, Strategy Video Game, Indie game, Strategy
Phobies home page :