Play Games And Record Game Screencast With Xfire

Xfire is a Windows application which allows users to see when their friends are online,what game are they playing, allows joining the game in a single click, receiving instant messages, has a built in stats tracker and supports thousands of games. You can even create and upload your very own game screencast. For example, you can record the game play when playing a third person / first person shooter  such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Counter Strike and upload the recorded video to your Xfire account.

After installation, Xfire automatically detects the installed games on your computer.

In order to use xfire, you will require signing up or logging in with an Xfire account. You can either create an account during the startup configuration or from the Xfire website. From the system tray you can launch installed games, change Xfire’s interface skin, set Xfire instant messenger status and more. The Xfire application contains a built in instant messenger which can be actively used by inviting friends via their emails. Many other utilities such as capturing of screenshot or  screencast, file sharing , etc can also be accessed from the main interface of its application.

Recorded game screencasts can be uploaded, viewed and shared via the Xfire application and website. This can be quite handy for recording clan matches such as the ones played on online servers for famous games like Mohaa, Call of Duty and Counter Strike. Another good thing is that Xfire supports several versions of such games and is not merely restricted to a specific new or old version. This might be useful for not just users who paly the new versions of such games, but also the ones who prefer the vintage versions.

For more information regarding supported games and advanced features, try the Xfire application and  check out its website.

The Xfire application works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Xfire