Power at the Pinnacle – Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta Dokkan Event Guide

Rewards & drops:

Character Rarity HP ATK DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill

Super Saiyan Vegeta – Willing to Fight
SR > SSR 6,703 6,065 3,316 All Types ATK +15% ATK & DEF +30% when HP is 50% or below
V V V Dokkan Awaken V V V

Super Saiyan Vegeta Angel – Return From the Dark
SSR > UR 7,714 7,018 3,740 All Types ATK +20% ATK and DEF +50% when HP is below 50%


Stage Stam Difficulty Boss Drops Unit XP Rank XP Zeni
Saiyan’s Pride 10 Normal 5,000 1,500 5,200
Saiyan’s Pride 15 Hard 15,000 4,000 10,200
Saiyan’s Pride 20 Z-Hard 1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
50,000 8,000 27,500
The Most Powerful Blow 40 Z-Hard 1st Battle:
2nd Battle:
80,000 15,000 45,000

Extra info:

  • Vegeta isn’t guaranteed to drop on Saiyan’s Pride Z-Hard
  • You must finish off SSJ 3 Vegeta in 18 hits. Once your 18 hits are up you lose the match and you can’t use dragon stones to continue.

40 stamina The Most Powerful Blow tips:

  • With the attack limit in place you’re basically forced to use nuking to take SSJ Vegeta down.
  • Gogeta as a friend is recommended along with a +2 or +3 Ki  leader.
  • Your team should have mostly AGL units. A Super Saiyan themed team with high SA hitters would be best for Ki and ATK boosts.
  • Take in Ghost Usher and a damage reducer like King Yemma to get your AGL team past TEQ SSJ Vegeta without dying.