Record Game Stats For Offline & Browser Games, Gameplay Time Tracker

Gameplay Time Tracker (as the name suggests) is free software for tracking game stats for offline and browser based games. It is meant to be a replacement for Steam, Xfire and Raptr. Gameplay Time Tracker can help you

  • Check how much time has been spent on a particular game
  • What distance has been covered with the mouse
  • Determine how many joystick buttons have been pressed
  • To check how has your gaming activity changed in the course of year


  • Hardcore gamers, eager to compare their walk through times of difficult games with others can benefit from this time tracker.
  • Parents of young players, willing to control time spent by their children on PC games can monitor their children’s gaming habits.
  • Users of Steam, Raptr or Xfire services, who want to get similar functionality for almost any game without Internet connection can gather stats for games offline.

Gameplay Time Tracker can be set to record stats for multiple games by simply adding the EXE file of the game from the Game Detection tab. You can also add browser-based games and add exception to games which you do not wish to track from the adjacent tabs.

Add Games

The Settings tab allows you to change displaying balloon tips from the system (containing  game stats), changing overlay window containing the game timer, and to enable or disable keys which you would like to exclude from being recorded for determining game score.


You can add and edit game categories from My games tab by using the Windows right-click menu.


To start recording stats, select the name of the game which you are about to play from the system tray  (from Start the game option) and launch the game.

Once your gameplay is completed, you will get detailed game stats which will include the game and developer’s name, last run time, full runtime, last interactive runtime and score (mouse pointer movement, mouse wheel rotation, game controller button stats and more).


To get a graphical overview for your gameplay, go to the  to the Daily Statistics tab. This tab logs your stats over a period of time even up to a year.


Gameplay Time Tracker works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Gameplay Time Tracker