Starfield: “The Best There Is” Quest Guide – Should You Betray Huan Daiya?

The Best There Is starfield

Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide on how to successfully complete ‘The Best There Is’ quest in Starfield and explore the consequences of potentially betraying Huan Daiya.

Starfield: “The Best There Is” Quest Guide – Should You Betray Huan Daiya?

In the quest “The Best There Is” in Starfield, you continue your role as a UC SysDef informant within the Crimson Fleet. Your objective is to obtain the ComSpike, a valuable item linked to Kryx’s Legacy. Here’s all the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Aboard the Crimson Fleet’s Key

  • After starting the quest, return to the Crimson Fleet’s ship, the Key.
  • Speak with Naeva and Jasmine about your plan to acquire the ComSpike.

Step 2: Meeting Huan Daiya in New Atlantis

  • Travel to New Atlantis and head to the Spaceport.
  • Meet Huan Daiya and accept her invitation to join the crew of the Jade Swan.
  • Board the Jade Swan, head to the upper level, and speak with Huan Daiya.

Step 3: Onboard the Jade Swan

  • Wait for the Jade Swan to take off and reach its destination, SY-920.

Step 4: Acquiring a Military Uniform

  • Speak to Huan Daiya upon arrival, and she’ll instruct you to sneak into the space station barracks.
  • Convince the UC Officer guarding the barracks that you’ve forgotten your uniform.
  • Obtain an ensign uniform and equip it.

Step 5: Gaining Access to the Command Bay

  • Head to the Command Bay and tell the UC Officer your business is to report for duty.
  • Take the elevator to the Command Bay and use the intercom to update Huan Daiya (optional).

Step 6: Obtaining a Clearance Code

  • Huan Daiya will inform you that the ComSpike’s information is in the archives.
  • Follow your quest marker to the security office.
  • Use your Novice-level digipicking skill and digipick to unlock the ‘Clearance Code Computer.’
  • Select the clearance code that matches your ensign uniform.

Step 7: Accessing the Archives

  • Proceed to the archives and inform another UC Officer of your clearance code.
  • Read all the information on the ComSpike from the PC in the archives.

Step 8: Locating the ComSpike

  • Head towards Engineering Bay 4, where you’ll meet Dr. Vogel.
  • Engage in a conversation with him and prepare to make a crucial choice.

Step 9: The Pivotal Decision

  • [Betray Huan] If you choose to betray Huan Daiya, Dr. Vogel will provide you with the keycard needed to pilot the ship with the ComSpike.

  • [Persuade] If you persuade Dr. Vogel, Huan Daiya escapes safely, and the Crimson Fleet is pleased.

Step 10: Boarding the Prototype Ship

  • Regardless of your choice, board the prototype ship with the ComSpike module attached.
  • Get into the pilot seat and make your way back to the Key in the Kryx system.

Step 11: Consequences and Reporting

  • Catch up with Delgado on the Key and report your progress.
  • Depending on your choices, you might encounter an angry Huan Daiya.
  • After speaking with Delgado, report to UC Commander Kibwe on the UC Vigilance to complete ‘The Best There Is’ quest.

“The Best There Is” quest in Starfield requires you to navigate through the Crimson Fleet and the UC SysDef, making critical choices along the way. Acquiring the ComSpike is vital, but your decision regarding Huan Daiya will impact your allegiance. Use this guide to successfully complete the quest and shape the outcome of your Starfield adventure.