T3 Arena tier list – Heroes ranked from best to worst (May 2022)

T3 Arena tier list – Heroes ranked from best to worst (May 2022)

What is the T3 Arena Tier List ?

As a 3v3 shooting game, T3 Arena will make you advance towards the battlefield, and there will be a total of 15 different heroes with T3 Arena tier list (into four tiers – S, A, B, and C) to give you their best help .

T3 Arena Tier List – Heroes , Rank and Weapon

Tier RankHero NameMain Weapon Utilized
S+GloriaZMR Assault Rifle
MD 2 Double Barreled Shotgun
S+VictorTriple Load Shotgun – has a widest hitting spread
S+LabulaSpire Gun – has the highest velocity with some explosive spores

SCristinaBouncy Grenade – launching grenades to fire some bouncy projectiles

SShellBeam Weapon – inflicting more and more damage with more long hits

SSkadiKraken Heavy Pistol
AMarkPrototype AR – launching an automatic rifle with versatile qualities to deal better within middle ranged combats
AOssasNightrust – this is a single shot sniper, and it can deal with increased damage

ARubyBolts of Fate – throwing 3 bolts from a horizontal lined shape
BJohnny JetPower Blaster – firing spray gun for close range shots, and it can trigger some critical hits
BSindriPlasma Drill – firing 3 flying explosive projectiles at enemies

BJabaliSuper Shocket – a weapon for short range which can deal with damage in an area of a cone shaped. When it becomes close to the enemies, it can increase the damage
CAletaDual Auto Pistols – these are speediest and accurate two dual pistols to be useful for close range combats

CIrisEnergy Repeater – a typical firing energy weapon that can deal with a middle range damage
CKazamaRocket Launcher – launching rockets

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