The Dating Game Online

Online gaming and online dating are tightly connected, although most people don’t see that connection. Both dating and gaming let people meet without seeing each other in person before. Of course, dating online has different goals than playing video games. But what if it’s possible to intertwine those two things and get the most out of both worlds? Many people start a relationship online on some dating site because they realize how much they have with some other member. For video game fans, that means their hearts melt when they see hot singles are into COD, Minecraft, Skyrim, or some other mega-popular game. That gives so many conversation topics to go through on chat. The more people chat, the stronger their connection becomes. Many people fall in love without noticing because they’ve found someone who they can talk to, like their best friends, but they feel physical attraction on top of that. Relationships built on mutual hobbies are much stronger because such couples can’t run out of conversation topics. If that mutual hobby is playing video games, even better. There is always a new game coming out, new mods released, and new strategies to use. Most couples who are into video games are trying to find games they both can play. That’s not always simple, so we’ll list 4 games perfect for couples. Our choice might surprise you. But before that, we have to point out the benefits of playing games with (potential) partners.

How Playing Video Games Helps to Build a Better Relationship

Playing games on dates is great even for couples who don’t intend to stay together for a long time. Serious couples benefit from spending time together in digital worlds even more. Sometimes relationships become dull, so everything that can spice them up helps more than most people realize. There aren’t many activities more fun than exploring worlds in online video games while snuggling on the couch. Many gamers on the one-night stand website get hookups because they chat about their favorite video games with girls who share their passion. It doesn’t matter if they only seek a one-night stand; games help them to bond. Many hookups between video game lovers start by playing some game to ignite the flame. When their favorite activity relaxes and excites them, sex is much better.

Any COD Game

We’ll start our list of unusual online games for couples with one of the most famous franchises in the business. Call of Duty has been the obsession for millions of people worldwide for quite some time now. It’s available on PC or PlayStation. There are many different COD games to choose from. Of course, newer games have better graphics and features, but old COD games are still gold. The only downside is that fewer people play old games, so it may be tricky to find enough players for team deathmatches. COD is perfect for couples because it lets them work together or fight against each other. If one is more experienced than the other, take care of the partner while playing domination, deathmatch, or anything else. But if both are equally good, then Free For All might be the best choice. The only important thing is not to be a sore loser (and have more kills than deaths).

Civilization VI

COD is unbelievably fast and exciting, which makes it too much for some couples. That’s where Civilization VI enters the scene. Equally fun but much slower, this game lets couples compete against other people to determine who’ll rule the world. It can be played offline, which is perfect for Autumn days. Every player starts in the stone age and has to lead a civilization through ages by working on religion, science, culture, and military. It’s perfect for couples because they learn a lot about each other from the tactic each of them chooses. Although it is the most fun to build a strong army and crush everybody around, girls usually focus on trading and culture more than boys.


Couples who compete against each other have much stronger relationships if it doesn’t become too serious. UFC 4 might be one of the best games for couples because fighting each other in the octagon is just too fun. Even couples who don’t know anything about MMA quickly become obsessed with UFC games because it’s too fun to fight without getting hurt. Some couples even use UFC 4 to determine who wins in arguments. Couples who don’t live together can fight online. Those who live together have more fun because they can mock each other when they knock them out cold.


Civilization VI is great for taking over the world together, but Minecraft might be an even better game for couples. It lets them play God and create the world from nothing. Numerous Minecraft mods let them shape their world with more details. Yes, graphics look awful, but it’s not about appearance in Minecraft; it’s about the experience.

Playing video games together is great for couples who start a relationship online because it lets them learn about each other while having fun. It’s not surprising that so many online dating sites attract thousands of gamers. Being online is their bread and butter, so why wouldn’t they look for partners online as well. Once they meet fellow gamers, they only have to find a game both of them like. One of the games from the list above will help for sure.