The Horrific Cell Games – Perfect Cell Dokkan Event Guide



Character Rarity HP ATK DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill

Cell 1st Form – Cell Fusion
SR > SSR 7,319 5,920 2,815 AGL Type HP, ATK, and DEF +20% All enemies’ ATK reduced by 8%
V V V Dokkan Awaken V V V

Cell Perfect Form – Evolved Form
SSR > UR 7,830 6,332 4,165 AGL Type HP, ATK, and DEF +25% All enemies’ ATK reduced by 12%


Stage Boss Drops Difficulty Stam Unit XP Rank XP Zeni
The Cell Games Normal 10 1,600 190 5,200
The Cell Games Hard 15 3,000 890 10,200
The Cell Games Z-Hard 20 12,000 4,000 22,500
The Extreme Terror Z-Hard 40 15,000 8,000 45,000
Nightmare in Broad Daylight 1st Battle:
x5 Random Cell Jr
2nd Battle:

3rd Battle:
Super Hard 50 100,000 17,500 47,500

The Extreme Terror Tips:

  • This Stage is for more advanced players. Having a huge nuker/ heavy hitter or a team mostly consisting of the characters in the images below will greatly improve your chances of winning

Nightmare in Broad Daylight:

  • Another Extreme stage for more advanced player that can fill their team with top tier Nukers.

Link Skill Soul Vs Soul


Free to play team with characters most might have

Other teams

50 stam