Top 5 tips to dominate Armada in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War has been a popular choice in online gaming. The game was released under the Call of Duty franchise. It is a first-person shooter video game and can be played on PS4, PS5, and Xbox series. 

With so many players opting to play, it becomes difficult for beginners to get the hang of this game. However, we are here to help every novice ace the game! With the following popular game cheats to assist you, you can dominate Armada in Black Ops Cold War very easily. 

Sight Lines to sight them off-guard

Being a Black Op player is all about catching your opponent off-guard. Sightlines are the best way to get that done. Black Ops Cold War provides you with some special angles in their maps from where you can have a sniping look at different places on the map. And you know the best part about it? Your opponent cannot detect your presence!

Penetrating the bridge wall

Every player who plays Armada map in Black Ops Cold War has done camping on the bridge area. This gives you control over your opponents and allows you to maneuver your gameplay more smoothly. There is always a race to control the bridge area because it’s such a crucial spot for every player. But what if you could acquire the already camped bridge area? 

Yes, it might seem unreal, but you can penetrate the walls above the bridge ramp on both sides to wreak havoc on your opponent’s camp. Penetrating walls will mean that the opponents have to leave their positions to save their lives, and during that time, you can take over the bridge area real quick.

Hide and scan 

One of the most basic ways to dominate the Armada map is to have great control over the position you hold. However, due to various sightlines possible in the game, you need to save yourself from those nasty sniping lines. Whenever you are hiding behind anything, confirm that you are not falling in any line of sight. The easiest way to ensure staying out of sight is to hide behind thick pillars blocking all the possible sniping lines.

Moreover, when you hide, look both at the rappels and the windows. It is not easy to sense entry from the window side. You need to scan the window side every 2-3 seconds. Constantly shift between rappels and windows and see your opponents and kill their plans. It is a bit difficult, but you will get used to it after a while.  

Enter like a boss

Many people say that controlling the center in the Armanda map is crucial, but you must know how to use side entries like that from the windows to get that control. Entrance from the window increases the chances of getting a kill by multiple folds. 

Window entries are complex, and you can use them to catch your opponent off-guard. Entry from the window not only gives you tangible advantages like kills, but it can also help you take control over some crucial positions on the map.

And you know what? It’s challenging to detect window entries. So rest assured, unless your opponent is a pro, you’ll be safe.

Use the flanks, capture the middle.

In Black Ops Cold War, you need to control the central war area for reasons like better visibility, more attacking chances, and so on. But what will you do if the central area is already captured? The only way left is to use the flanks. 

You must use flanks to create pressure on the central war area. Constant challenge and a good strategy can lead to disturbance in the solid central structure. As soon as you find the loopholes in the defense, take power quickly.

To dominate the Aramanda Map in Black Ops Cold War, use the above techniques and become great at it. If you follow these tips consistently and with utmost sincerity, Aramanda will not be a hard nut to crack. 

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