V Rising : How to make Cotton Yarn

V Rising : How to make Cotton Yarn

What is the Cotton Yarn in V Rising ?

Cotton Yarn is one of the new items that you will find once you progress through the Farmlands. It’s a valuable item, one that you’ll need to use a lot to create new armor levels and improve your gear shop grind. The requirement to make one Cotton Yarn requires 20 Cotton.

How to make Cotton Yarn in V Rising ?

Follow 3 steps below to make Cotton Yarn in V Rising :

1. Beating Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice the Tailor can be found in Dawnbreak Village. You need to beat her as she rewards the player with two important recipes, the Loom and Cotton Yarn recipes. It also rewards you with the cloth recipe, which is another important resource for crafting items, but that’s a whole other story.

2. Building a Loom

The Loom is the most important reward, the Loom allows you to craft Cloth, which requires 9 Plant Fibre and 3 Leather per piece.

3. Gathering Cotton

Cotton can be found at Cotton Farms , plenty of which can be found in Dunley Farmlands. To get it, you need to make sure your tools are Merciless Copper at a minimum.

When you see a cotton farm on the map, look for a farm field filled with fluffy white plants. Hit them with your weapon and collect the precious loot.

V Rising wiki :

Initial release date: May 17, 2022
Publisher: Stunlock Studios
Developer: Stunlock Studios
Engine: Unity
Genres: Massively multiplayer online game, Shooter game
Platform: Microsoft Windows