Vegito – Super Fusion! Blazing Potara Dokkan Event Guide

Rewards & Drops:

  • 4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage.
  • The Event specific Dokkan Medal


Stage Stam Difficulty Boss Drops Unit XP Rank XP Zeni
Miraculious Fusion 10 Normal 5,000 1,500 5,200
Miraculious Fusion 15 Hard 15,000 4,000 10,000
Miraculious Fusion 20 Z-Hard 1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
50,000 8,000 22,500
Meet Vegito 50 Super Hard 1st Battle:
2nd Battle:

3rd Battle:

100,000 14,000 55,000

40 Stamina Stage Tips:

  • To win you basically need to have a team built that all contain the link skill Fierce Battle. If your team doesn’t have this skill then you will do hardly any damage to Vegito and you will need a few heavy nukers and defence tanks on your team to win.