Vegito – Super Fusion! Blazing Potara Dokkan Event Guide

Rewards & Drops:

  • 4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage.
  • The Event specific Dokkan Medal


StageStamDifficultyBossDropsUnit XPRank XPZeni
Miraculious Fusion10Normal5,0001,5005,200
Miraculious Fusion15Hard15,0004,00010,000
Miraculious Fusion20Z-Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
Meet Vegito50Super Hard1st Battle:
2nd Battle:

3rd Battle:


40 Stamina Stage Tips:

  • To win you basically need to have a team built that all contain the link skill Fierce Battle. If your team doesn’t have this skill then you will do hardly any damage to Vegito and you will need a few heavy nukers and defence tanks on your team to win.