Verdansk Delayed for Black Ops 6, Fans Relegated to Warzone Mobile for Now

Call of Duty fans hoping for a triumphant return of Verdansk in Black Ops 6 (BO6) might be disappointed. A new leak suggests the beloved Warzone map has been pushed back from the game’s launch window.

Verdansk Delayed for Black Ops 6, Fans Relegated to Warzone Mobile for Now

Previously, reports indicated Verdansk would be a part of BO6, launching in late 2024. However, leaker @BobNetworkUK claims the map is now “delayed” and likely won’t arrive until “mid-lifecycle” of the 2024 CoD title, which could be sometime in 2025.

Verdansk Black Ops 6

This delay seems to be a strategic move by Activision. Insider Gaming suggests the decision came after Fortnite’s successful reintroduction of a classic map, sparking player interest. To compensate for the Verdansk delay, the current Warzone map, Urzikstan, will receive gameplay and map updates alongside the introduction of Ranked Play in season one.

Originally, Verdansk’s return wasn’t even planned. According to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, Activision implemented a “massive pivot” in late 2023 due to Fortnite’s resurgence. This shift also impacts the planned new Warzone map, codenamed “Avalon,” which is now expected in CoD 2025.

With the focus on reviving player interest, Black Ops 6’s multiplayer is also rumored to lean heavily on nostalgia. An official announcement regarding Warzone’s presence at the upcoming CoD Next event on August 28th is yet to be made.

For now, Verdansk enthusiasts will have to find their fix in Warzone Mobile, as the map’s return to the main Warzone experience appears to be a long way off.

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