Where To Find All Spotlight Parts In Raft ?

You’ll need four spotlight parts to repair the spotlight and get access to the tunnel. Because the four highlight segments are so close together, you can only endure one at a time before your oxygen runs out. This article will guide you where to find all spotlight parts in Raft.

Where do you find spotlight parts in Raft?

First spotlight part location

Where To Find All Spotlight Parts In Raft 1st Location

  • Travel to Varuna Point’s enormous yellow crane, then turn around and leap into the sea. A swarm of jellyfish will remain near an opening. Pass them by and go inside. Try not to spend too much time down here.
  • Continue down the corridor until you reach the end and turn right. Enter the door, then travel to the far end of this room to see the spotlight part sitting on a bed.

Second spotlight part location

Where To Find All Spotlight Parts In Raft 2nd Location

  • Dive back down and take the first left down the hall. There’s an anglerfish in the room, but ignore it. The spotlight is on a desk when you enter the room on your right.

Third spotlight part location

  • When you enter the hole in the wall beneath the jellyfish, turn left and head inside the elevator shaft, then turn around and jump up to the ledge.
  • Take a left and continue the hallway to the door at the end. Enter the chamber and take the third portion from the table to your right.

Fourth spotlight part location

The final part is also in the area above the elevator shaft, but instead of going in the hallway leading to the third part, walk up the scaffolding and emerge above the water.

  • Climb up, turn left, and go inside the first room to your left. There’s another room at the far end of this one, and the last part is on a bureau inside.
  • Once you’re back on your raft, you’ll want to start looking into building engine controls. Keeping a juicer around is a handy way to restore health in case of accidents – such as sharks or anglerfish – or if you just need a break, consider casting your line for a bit of fishing.
  • Climb and turn left into the first room on the left. There is another room on the other side of this room, the last part is in the dresser inside.

  • Once back on the raft, you need to start building engine controls. Having a juicer on hand is a convenient way to restore health when you’re being attacked by sharks or anglerfish. If you just need a break, consider throwing your line for a little fishing.

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