Will Console Companies Eventually Focus Solely on Mobile?

The video games industry is huge. The number of gamers worldwide is estimated to be in the billions, and as a result, the industry is enormously wealthy. It’s a sector powered by technology, and as the tech improves, developers will look for new ways to enhance the gaming experience.

While today’s game consoles are more powerful than ever, in recent years the industry has seen a surprising trend begin to emerge. Mobile gaming is on the up and looks set to establish itself as the most popular form of gaming in the wider industry. Will console companies eventually focus on creating titles solely for mobile? Find out here.

Why Focus on Mobile?

The rise of mobile gaming may seem surprising, but there are some clear reasons that can explain the sector’s success.

Games today are incredibly complex and take a long time to develop and produce. Not only is this process time-consuming, but it’s also extremely expensive, often costing upwards of $100 million. With such a significant financial outlay, developers and publishers rely on commercial success if they want to see a return on their investment.

In comparison, mobile games are cheaper and easier to create. They can be made with far smaller teams and in significantly shorter timeframes. This means that developers are taking less risk when creating mobile games and are less reliant on sales.

In the past, mobiles could never dream of competing with video game consoles. Now, this isn’t necessarily the case. Today’s mobiles are incredibly powerful, they are capable of running a range of different games and apps, from live casino experiences to first-person shooters.

Developers today could well look at mobiles as the future of gaming. The player base is rising fast, with over 150 million players just in the US. This could see console companies shift their focus to the mobile market.

Casual vs Serious Gamers

While all the signs point to developers potentially moving away from consoles and to mobiles, the same can’t be said for many gamers.

Gamers are a notoriously dedicated (and stubborn) demographic. They hold passionate, often immutable opinions and feelings, and convincing them to forgo their beliefs and principles can be difficult or even impossible. Any deviation from the norm can see gamers lash out and take action against companies, seriously impacting sales and revenue.

For serious gamers, consoles are PCs are the only way to play. They will accept no compromise and are of the belief that mobiles are for casual players, and that the technology simply isn’t there to seriously rival more traditional platforms.

While this may be true for now, technology is catching up fast. The line between mobile and console games is becoming increasingly blurred, a shift which could see console companies take a different approach and realign their strategies to target the burgeoning mobile market.


Will console companies eventually focus solely on mobile? It’s impossible to give a definitive answer. What we do know is that mobile gaming is growing rapidly and, despite the protests of the hardcore gamers, it could soon establish itself as the number one gaming format.