Wordle 357 Hints & Answers for June 11 – 2022 Word Solution

How To Play Wordle ?

Wordle is an indie puzzle game ,the answers are all English words and have five letters. Players have six tries to guess what the word is, and the colors of the tiles will change to show players how close they are to solving the daily Wordle.

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Wordle 357 hints and clues for June 11 :

  • Ends with the letter “R”.
  • Contains two vowels.
  • Relates to someone who gives money.

Today’s Wordle answer :

  • Wordle No. 357 (June 11): PAYER

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Developer(s)Josh Wardle
Publisher(s)Josh Wardle (2021–22) The New York Times Company (since 2022)
ReleaseOctober 2021
Genre(s)Word game