5 Best Apps Every Remote Worker Needs for Smooth Operations

Remote working has grown in popularity today because of the freedom it gives. You don’t need to be physically present at the office to handle tasks, as you can solve them from anywhere.

As a matter of fact, according to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of remote workers worldwide has increased by 159% since 2009.

This is facilitated by the internet as it easily connects people around the world. Moreover, there are also some apps that help remote workers efficiently connect with their employers. 

Dive in and learn about the 5 best apps every remote worker needs for smooth operations.

1. Zoom

A video conferencing service that helps in connecting remote teams through video chat, phone calls, and conference rooms. Zoom supports online meetings, file sharing, and cross-platform messaging no matter your location.

The good news is that the basic plan is free and it can host up to 100 participants making it a great option if you are on a tight budget. It also supports unlimited one-on-one meetings and you can enjoy a full-screen, gallery plus high-quality video and sound. 

In fact, Zoom is embraced in many different countries all over the world. For example, in South East Asia in countries like Thailand, Zoom usage has increased drastically over the years. And according to Statista, by July 2020, the number of daily users in the country had risen to over 45,000. 

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2. HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot is a remote scheduling tool that helps you to manage your time for meetings. You can sync it with your Office 365 calendar or Google Calendar and set your availability.

It helps you to schedule meetings with your customers or employees and you can include your meeting page on it. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether you are in a different time zone from that of your clients. This is because the app syncs the time automatically depending on your location.

Best of all, it also has a basic plan that allows you to get started for free and have unlimited meetings.

3. Asana

Asana is a task and project management tool that helps your company team remotely track, organize and manage their tasks. Most of the needed procedures are automated which reduces bottlenecks and saves time as you don’t have to manually update project schedules. It also streamlines approvals and customizes standard projects.

You can also embrace the Asana basic plan that allows you to connect with 15 members. It has a list of views plus a calendar. In addition, the app also allows you to assign different tasks and add due dates.

4. Clockify

Clockify is a free user-friendly app that helps you virtually track your time. It is popular for supporting unlimited users and doesn’t have limitations on projects.

Some of its great features include prefilled timesheets, categorisations by project, and tracked hours on virtual timers. This means Clockify is the perfect option for assignments paid hourly. On top of that, the app allows you to mark time sheets. 

More so, it is compatible with different devices running on the most popular operating systems. It’s great for getting things done. And to help you, Wmlcoud gives you the best ways of overcoming the productivity challenges of remote work.

5. Google Drive

An excellent tool from Google and one of the best on the market. Google Drive is an amazing cloud storage service that enables you to store, access, and share files across different devices. All you need is a stable internet connection and a Google account.

You can integrate it with Google Docs, Forms, Drawings, Slides, and Sheets which gives you seamless experiences as you handle your tasks. Its basic plan gives you free cloud storage of 15 GB and Google Drive is available for download on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS devices.