A Great Platform to Hold Online Meetings, Trainings, and Connect With People From Different Parts of the World

Today, U.S.A. broadcasts on the Internet of certain events have become quite a popular service. This is an excellent method of delivering video content to an audience. And what is very important: all this is possible in real-time for a participant from the United States or any other place to join and to talk.

So, when holding conferences, the organizers have the opportunity to reproduce what is happening in the hall on the screen from the cameras via a call.

Broadcasting images with clear sound and image is possible through the use of professional devices and platforms such as iMind.

Also, such online broadcasts are different in that they are very lively: the audience feels natural, which means they trust more, unlike the situation with pre-edited material. Read the reviews of the participant from the USA.

Platform Capacities

You may rapidly set up an online conference on the video conferencing platform and invite your team colleagues by just emailing a link. The iMind service is simple to use and offers apps for numerous gadgets, including smartphones. The following is a list of the platform’s key features. Read more about the iMind features on the official iMind Facebook account.

iMind.com offers a simple business chat feature, the ability to exhibit the desktop during the session, and compatibility for a range of document types. There is support accessible around-the-clock.

Here is a list of the main features that you will need:

  • video in HD quality;
  • supports all devices;
  • event recording;
  • downloading any distributing files;
  • API access;
  • the room is password protected.

By choosing to work with an iMind platform, you, at the same time, choose productivity, simplicity, and effectiveness.

Free Plan vs Pro Plan: Which Plan to Choose?

You can select between the first two packages, a Free and a Pro if you don’t run a large business and don’t require a greater range of feature and function sets.

Here is more specific information regarding their difference:

Free plans come with:

Organizations may have a maximum of 100 participants and 24-hour group meeting; unlimited cloud storage; simultaneous screen sharing.

A Pro plan provides all the features a free one has, plus:

The management of permissions and authorization; the brand of the room; rooms for both people and groups; no limit on the number of rooms.

Select the program that best meets your needs.

How Can You Start Using iMind for Video Conferencing?

With the iMind video conferencing technology, getting started is as simple as it gets. With only one click, you can start communicating. All you need to do is click the link. There are no lengthy registration requirements, passwords, downloads, or installations. Get the link, click it, then speak. Please be aware, though, that certain features are only accessible to registered users.

What Do Users Say About iMind?

U.S. users frequently acknowledge the unmatched advantages of the iMind video conferencing technology. The iMind reviews are available here https://www.g2.com/products/imind/reviews

Choosing the right video conferencing system for corporate communication in 2022 is not easy, but necessary – everyone has switched to remote work, and leaving communication only in chats and email is inefficient. If you need an urgent video conferencing platform – iMind video conferencing tool for companies is here for you with the chat for business, noise suppression, good volume, recording, and screen sharing.