Instantly Access Social Media Websites In Chrome With New Email & Social App

New Email And Social App is a Chrome extension that provides instant access to email and social networking websites such as Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Yahoo Messenger, YouTube and iTunes App Store from a small button next to the address bar. This eliminates the need to type the URL in the address bar and makes accessing commonly used websites easier.

Simply click on the small button next to the browser bar and choose a website to go to. For example, clicking on Facebook or App Store will instantly take you to the respective websites. The tab key can also be used to sweep through the available websites from the New Email and Social App icon. It also contains links to Amazon Canada and USA. However, it would have been better if it provided the option to customize the added links to websites and allowed adding more links manually. Nonetheless, it can be used as an alternative to speed dial extension, provided you frequently visit the listed websites.


Post Update: The developer has removed this extension from the Chrome Web Store, however, you can download and install it via the (alternative) Softpedia link given below, (the link was recently updated).

Download New Email And Social App Extension for Chrome