ChitChat Web Messenger Brings Uncluttered Facebook Chat

Facebook users who have used desktop clients for Facebook Chat might be aware of a famous application known as ChitChat. In a previous review I explored the features of this advanced Facebook chat client and explained the pros and cons of using it. Recently, the developer of this chat client has released a web messenger for Facebook Chat. The benefits of using this client are many, since it offers an elegant and uncluttered interface for Facebook Chat. Using a web messenger like ChitChat can help you focus on your Facebook chat, instead of using the conventional Facebook webpage, which seems quite cluttered (e.g. due to distraction of Facebook feeds), when you are having a chat with your friends. Moreover, ChitChat Web Messenger can be accessed from a number of devices, including smartphones, desktop PCs, Mac, Linux, etc via a simple browser.

To use the ChitChat Web Messenger, simply login with your Facebook account and grant access to the ChitChat application.


Once done, you will be able to access your Facebook Chat and talk to your friends in a fun and easy way, without the distracting Facebook interface. ChitChat Web Messenger looks pretty much like a desktop instant messenger and comes with Tabbed and status lead Facebook conversations. Furthermore, it provides an enhanced web based Facebook chatting interface, which alerts you when Facebook friends come online or go offline. You can also insert Facebook emoticons at a click of a button, use bold and italic in your Facebook messages and makes use of speech bubbles.

Chit Chat for Facebook - Google Chrome_2012-01-22_13-46-28

You can turn Facebook chat options on/off and set your status (e.g. Away), from the tabs located at the top of the web messenger. For instance, the Options tab enables users to turn on/off:

  • The Sound for new messages
  • Viewing of visual alerts
  • Names of online friends
  • Offline users
  • Status Messages
  • User Groups in buddy lists
  • Transition Effects

ChitChat Web Messenger works on all famous browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and others. It is also available for other platforms, including the Windows desktop, Blackberry and iPhone.

ChitChat Web Messenger