Dropbox Automator Lets You Automate Dropbox Tasks For Your Folders

Cloud Storage services like Dropbox have been the favorite choices for a large number of users from multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. For those of you who may be unaware of Dropbox, it is a cloud storage service that allows saving up to 2 GB of free data to an online account, which can be synced across multiple devices, including your laptop and mobile phone. Since a few months, there has been a lot of concern regarding the security flaws of Dropbox that has made users worried about the security of their data.  Moreover, Dropbox and similar cloud storage services do not offer any option to automate tasks for end users.

Dropbox Automator is a free web service that provides a large array of action that can be performed for files in your Dropbox account. For example, you can apply an automated action like encrypting your files  for a selected Dropbox folder or enable automatic compression of files placed in a specific folder. The available options even include features like automatically uploading a picture to Facebook or Flickr, when it is placed within your Dropbox folder(s).

Step 1: Head over to the Dropbox Automator website (link given at the end of this post) and login with your Dropbox account.

Step 1

Step 2: In the next step, allow access to the Wappwolf service. This service is used at the backend of Dropbox Automator.

Step 2

Step 3: Now, select a folder that you wish to apply a automated action to and click Next to continue.

Step 3

Step 4: Select an action to automate a process tied to the selected folder. For example, “every time you put a file in the folder” (that you selected in step 2):


1. It can be converted to a PDF document.

2. It can be automatically summarized.

3. It can be automatically translated to another language.

4. If it is a PDF document, it can be converted to a Text document.

5. It can be uploaded to your Google Docs account.

6. It can be uploaded to Slideshare

7. It can be digitally signed.


Pictures added to a specific folder can be:

1. Automatically upload to Facebook.
2. Automatically upload to Flickr.
3. Downscaled
4. Rotated
5. Text can be added to them.
6. Photo effect can be applied to them.
7. You can auto-stamp a logo on the images.
8. You can auto-stamp a map on the images.
9. You can auto-stamp “dislike” on the images.

Any file

Similarly, the following actions can be applied to any kind of Dropbox file, i.e. when a file is added to “this” folder, it can be automatically:

1. Emailed.
2. Zipped.
3. Saved to another Dropbox folder.
4. Renamed
5. Upload to an FTP Server.
6. Encrypted
7. Decrypted

8. Tweeted

9. Set as Facebook status.

More actions coming soon.

Step 4

How To Remove Dropbox Automator Actions

You can remove an added action anytime, by logging in with your Dropbox account at the Dropbox Automator service and stopping and deleting the action.

Step 7

You can use Dropbox Automator web service can be used with all kinds of Dropbox clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and mobile platforms.

Visit: Dropbox Automator