Problem : Sort a list in lotus script

Problem : Sort a list in lotus script

I’m working on an action that will take a list of names (obtained from a form) and lookup their associated group. Pull each groupname onto a list (unique names only) then update the group field on the form.

The problem I have is, before I update the group name field I want comapare the new version with the old and alert the user of the change. But the 2 fields have the groupnames in different order. Has anyone written a list compare function that can handle that?


Solution: Sort a list in lotus script

Aaaaah… Me bad.

NEWGROUPlist= Evaluate(|@Sort(@Explode(“| + NEWGROUPstr + |”;”;”))|,doc)

Since Formula doesn’t know a thing about NEWGROUPstr, you have to create the complete string first, by embedding the variable’s contents, and then call Evaluate.