Enhance Firefox Download Manager With Download Manager Tweak

Download Manager Tweak is a Mozilla Firefox extension that provides an enhanced interface for the common Firefox Download Manager. This allows users to download items in a new window or new tab, re-download deleted files and customize their download options.

About this Add-on:

The purpose of this Firefox Download Manager Tweak is to “tweaks” the Firefox download manager with small changes and not to completely restructure it. It simply provides some optional changes to the appearance of Firefox’s native download manager and allows it to be opened in a separate window, a different (new) tab or the sidebar. Other features beyond appearance comprise of, the ability to delete a downloaded file and the option to re-download deleted files.


In case any of your downloaded file is deleted from the destination folder, a re-downloading option appears that allows downloading the file again by simply clicking on the Download button.


Advanced settings can be configured by clicking on the Options button. The File / Window tab can be used to choose if you would like to open the Download Manager in a separate window, a new tab or the sidebar. You can also customize it’s start time, shutdown preferences and download list limit.


From the Buttons tab you can set what buttons should appear on the download manager.


The Advanced tab provides more options to customize the download manager, e.g. users can automatically remove downloads from the list after they are completed, view alerts when download complete, view the toolbar on the bottom of the window, etc.


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