Everything You Need to Know about Top MSP Programs for IT Companies

Are you aware of managed service provider software? It is the need of time and businesses at all scales should rely on it for B2B integration, supply chain management, transportation, utilities, and many more. It works as a virtual assistant and facilitates businesses in multiple ways.

These days, cyber security is the main concern for most businesses and everyone wants a secure cloud-based backup plan for keeping things aligned. Here, in this blog, we have elaborated on some crucial points about MSP that will help you understand it better. Let’s dive into details:

Why Join an MSP Partner Program?

The first important thing is to know the reason for joining the MSP partner program as the majority of businesspersons fail to understand the basic purpose of MSP. Let’s have a look at two of its major pros:

  • Shifting from CapEx to OpEx

It allows you to purchase licenses monthly or quarterly which means that you will have to pay less for getting the subscriptions renewed. This will ultimately help in saving tax and you can keep a better track record of such things. You can change the recording method from the asset’s total useful life to the current period. In short, this facility is possible through MSP only.

  • Predictable Revenue

MSP allows predicting revenue even if it is for the coming ten years. When you get an easy way of cost projection, things become easy as you can forecast future revenues for a better picture of business earnings in the future. So, MSP is important and you should prefer to have it installed with seamless integration.

Top MSP programs for IT companies are mentioned here:


It is famous for providing tailormade solutions for improving the revenue of businesses while reducing costs. It allows experienced professionals to access ins and outs of email security. DuoCricle MSP Partner Program is reliable with dedicated support 24/7. You can even get detailed training for POT (Proof of Technology) and POC (Proof of Concept).

AWS Managed Service Program 

The second MSP partner that is considered among the top ones is AWS and it mainly covers the areas of operations, optimization, planning & design, migration, and building. You can make better relations with clients while using the services of AWS. It can prove great if you participate in AWS-hosted events because you will stay updated regarding the latest trends and updates in the relevant system.


Druva is famous for excellent cloud-based solutions and it values the feedback of clients. We cannot deny the benefits of a single-window console because it allows businesspersons to view or interact with their customers using the unified screen. 

You can even co-brand every deployment depending on your preferences. With Druva, it is not difficult to manage complex multi-site deployments. Moreover, you can even have enterprise cloud backup with strong protection against ransomware. So, if you have plans to get the best MSP, Druva can prove one of the best choices.


These days, mitigating cyber attack is the main goal of every online business and Sophos hold a great reputation in this regard. You can get the best cyber security by relying on the services of Sophos. The enhanced automation of Sophos is supported by PSA and RMM which gives a boost to profitability. 

It does not prove expensive, rather you can save costs on different levels. In short, these are a few points that clearly show MSP partner programs are crucial to rely upon. However, make sure you choose one of the best partners in this regard.