Explore Instagram Without A Mobile Device With Extragram

Instagram is a famous photo sharing application for iOS based devices. Recently Instagram was extended to the Android sphere when the Android app for Instagram was released. While the use of Instagram normally requires a smartphone or tablet, you can also enjoy Instagram from your Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computer with the help of a web service known as Extragram. This service allows users to access Instagram and PicPlz services via an Extragram account.


All you have to do is to sing up for an Extragram account and connect your Instagram account. Once done, you will be able to use Instagram by logging into the Extragram web service from any device via a browser. If you don’t want to sign up for a new account, you can also connect your Facebook account to login to Extragram.

Sign up

Extragram provides Instagram users with three views for feed and popular photos, including a Grid, Map and Filmstrip view. On the contrary PicPlz users do not have the Map view option. Below are some details regarding the each viewing option. The comment and heart icons are present below each image.

Grid View

This view aligns all images in a grid form, as thumbnails and can be used with both Instagram and PicPlz. Grid View


The Filmstrip view shows one image at a time and displays thumbnails of other images at the bottom of the page. You can also view and post comments from the right hand corner of each image. This viewing option provides a better view for each single image, unlike multiple thumbnails that appear in the Grid View. The Filmstrip view is also available for both Instagram and PicPlz.

FilmStrip View

Map View

With the help of the Map view, you can enter a location and view images from it. You can also add your own location and geo tag uploaded images.

Map View

In case you still haven’t figured out how to switch between each viewing option, see the bottom right corner of the screenshots above. Each viewing option is available at the bottom of Extragram feeds and photos. There are also a number of other features that you can enjoy via Extragram, including following other members and to some extent, managing your Instagram account. To find out more, try Extragram for yourself.

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