Generate A Facebook Timeline Cover Using A Free App

Creating a Facebook Cover has typically been a rather mean feat, as it’s not been an easy process to create a Facebook cover. However, that’s set to change with a new tool introduced by a UK based Company Athena IT Limited.

Who Makes This Facebook Cover App?

To give you a bit of background about this Company, they were responsible for the popular FB Chat application “Chit Chat for Facebook.” Their application shook up the instant messaging industry and somewhat lead the way for wide spread integration of FB Chat within established clients. I’m sure that they are hoping to do the same for the cover design market.

Facebook Cover Maker

What Is The Purpose Of This Facebook Cover App?

Athena IT Limited’s new tool is a Timeline Cover design utility, the purpose of this app is to design, build and apply a design as your FB cover as easily as possible. Entitled “Make a Cover for Facebook” the app title is rather self-explanatory as to the applications purpose. The design interface requires you to first select a character with which to work with; the design process in essence revolves around the dressing up of a character and swapping out a background image.

Add Facebook Cover

What Do I Need To Do To Make A Facebook Cover?

The process by which you go through to create your own Facebook cover design is to choose a character, and then customize the characters appearance. So, you have the option to customize the hair and hat attire, as well as the facial features and clothing. The Cover Maker app gives you the impression that you are creating your own FB cover; however in reality you are stitching together image options. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it significantly speeds up the creation process, nevertheless you are restricted to the graphical creative that are available within their cover maker tool.

Make a Facebook Cover

Once you are done with the customization you then have the option to download the timeline cover or immediately apply it as your FB timeline cover.

What Are The Pros and Cons To This Facebook Timeline Maker App?


  • Incredibly easy app to use web app.
  • Doesn’t require you to connect with your FB account, you can create a FB Cover and upload it yourself if you wish.
  • Completely free.
  • Takes just a couple of minutes to make an attractive FB Cover for your profile.


  • You can’t really be very creative in design – you are limited in scope as to what you can do.
  • You are limited to the pre-crafted graphics and customizations that this free app has to offer.

Make a Facebook Cover With Free App

Make Your Free FB Cover at: Facebook Cover Maker

About The Author: This Guest Post was written by Daniel, who is an experienced web application developer. You can contact  Daniel at Google+.