Get A Vertical List Of Opened Tabs In Chrome With Vertical Tabs

While everyone is used to opening and managing tabs in a horizontal way. It appears that someone is trying to change the rules. Vertical Tabs is a Chrome extension that allows vertically viewing and opening tabs. To get started, install the extension and click on the icon next to the address bar to get a vertical overview of the opened tabs.


Clicking on any of the tab name, redirects you to it. I found this extension worth reviewing mainly due to the idea that it represents. Such outside the box thinking in the past has often led to new innovations on a bigger level. For instance, who knows that browsers may start providing options to vertically align tabs in the near future. The listed tabs are much like a drop down menu and I certainly hope that the developer improves the look of the tabs, to make them more eye catching. For now they give quite a dull look. If you want a vertical list of your tabs, then you might be interested in “Vertical Tabs”.

Post Update:

Some of the following new features have been added by the developer to this Chrome extension:

  • You can now Search (filter) Tabs.
  • Keyboard Control has been added.
  • You can rearrange Tabs via drag & drop.
  • An options page has been added, (popup width size, tab counter switch, as well as title line size).
  • A tab counter has been added, (Empty scroll space, loading title, close button alpha and close active tab).
  • Pop-up speed has been improved.
  • The UI design has been changed.

Install:Vertical Tabs Extension for Chrome